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Special offers

Bolivar Royal Coronas

Cuban cigars Bolivar Royal Coronas
Box of 25 cigars
Shape: Robusto
Dimensions: 12.4 Cm*1.95 Cm
Here is a very nice Robusto, neat, aesthetically perfect. The first puffs attest to its rigorous construction : the draw is excellent with woody and spicy flavours. There is little aggressivity in the first phase. Later, some humus, hints of mushroom and then of chocolate enrich the smoke.

Cohiba Siglo I

Cuban cigars Cohiba Siglo I
Cabinet of 25 cigars
Shape: Très Petit Corona
Dimensions: 10.3 Cm*1.58 Cm
A nice honey colored wrapper. As the smoke goes through, the cigar releases aromas of roasted coffee and cocoa. The smoke if full and creamy and evolves toward notes of wood and liquorice. A (short) break of pure pleasure .

Cohiba Piramides Extra

Cuban cigars Cohiba Piramides Extra
Box of 10 cigars
Shape: Torpedo
Dimensions: 16 Cm*2.14 Cm
Cohiba is offering up a Figurado called Piramides Extra, relatively similar in size to the Pirámides Edición Limitada 2006. We locate the new band stamped with the same hologram that appeared on the Cohiba Behike range. The cigar gives off floral, pepper notes. On the first draw, fragile floral and hazelnut aromas succeed one another as they swirl around the mouth. The personality intensifies on the second pull, fuller, more powerful and with spicier flavours. The cigar becomes more intense again on the third pull without being overpowering. All in all, a lovely conception for this new cigar full of personality.

Cuaba Generosos

Cuban cigars Cuaba Generosos
Box of 25 cigars
Shape: Perfecto
Dimensions: 13.2 Cm*1.6 Cm
The Cuaba is skillfully rolled. Pre light spicy aromas. The vitola then releases herbaceous notes, with some woody hints. The woody flavor gets stronger in the second third, richer and more exotic. Medium-bodied and balanced. The tempo increases in the final, and earthy notes appear, with hints of black pepper. An original and balanced cigar.

Hoyo de Monterrey du Prince

Hoyo de Monterrey
Cuban cigars Hoyo de Monterrey du Prince
Box of 25 cigars
Shape: Petit Corona
Dimensions:13 Cm*1.52 Cm
Hoyo du Prince is an appealing Petit corona with a great appearance and a perfectly adjusted wrapper. It lights up perfectly, and the draw is easy. The aromas are sweet and slightly peppery. This cigar, with its appealing size, will delight amateurs.

Juan Lopez seleccion No.2

Juan Lopez
Cuban cigars Juan Lopez seleccion No.2
Cabinet of 25 cigars
Shape: Robusto
Dimensions: 12.6 Cm*1.95 Cm
This vitola has it all: panache, a nice combination of aromas and the perfect tempo. Hints of wood, dried flowers, and later of musk, pepper and leather mingle. This Robusto will appeal to the most demanding amateurs.

Quai d'Orsay Coronas

Quai d'Orsay
Cuban cigars Quai d'Orsay Coronas
Box of 25 cigars
Shape: Grand Corona
Dimensions : 14.2 Cm*1.67 Cm
The Coronas has a claro wrapper. Upon lighting up, it releases a mild floral taste, with some sharp hints that fade away quickly. The vitola has essentially woody flavors with touches of liquorice and coffee halfway-through. The intensity seems somewhat limited with some monotony.

Humidor Partagas série D No.4

Cuban cigars Partagas
Humidor included 50 cigars Partagas Série D No.4
Shape: Robusto
Digital hygrometer
Humidification system
This hand crafted Habanos S.A Partagas humidor includes 50 selected Partagas Serie D No.4. The humidor is fully lined with Spanish cedar with a high gloss clear part varnish displaying the classic Partagas logo on its lid.

Ramon Allones Small club Coronas

Ramon Allones
Cuban cigars Ramon Allones Small club Coronas
Box of 25 cigars
Shape: Petit Corona
Dimensions: 11.1 Cm*1.66 Cm
An easy and generous cigar, with precious wood flavour and notes of roasted coffee. Reasonable power with enough body to be smoked after a meal, or with spirits.

Trinidad Robusto T (12)

Cuban cigars Trinidad Robusto T
Box of 12 cigars
Shape: Robusto
Dimensions: 12.5 Cm*1.98 Cm
This Robusto has a fantastic appearance. The draw is excellent. The aromas are both smooth and creamy. The smoke is round and complex. Power builds up gradually. The final is intense, but not invasive.

Gilbert de Montsalvat Révolution Style Robusto

Gilbert de Montsalvat
Dominican cigars  Gilbert de Montsalvat Revolution Style Robusto
Box of 10 cigars
Shape: Robusto
Dimensions: 12.7 Cm*1.98 Cm
A revolution for this module in the range, which is very well rolled. Despite a dense filler, the draw remains comfortable. The woody flavours are quite strong. A great success in terms of its price.

NUB Cameroon 464T

Nicaraguan cigars NUB Cameroon 464T
Box of 24 cigars
Dimensions : 10.2 Cm*2.56 Cm
The 464T in the Nub Cameroon line is perfectly constructed. Its maduro wrapper from Cameroon is thin and perfectly adjusted. Lighting is perfect. The palette is sweeter than that of the Sun Grown line, and evolves between coffee and cocoa flavors. An attractive cigar that will bring full satisfaction to the aficionados looking for a medium-bodied cigar.