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Cohiba Siglo IV

Cuban cigars Cohiba Siglo IV
Cabinet of 25
Shape: Grand Corona
Dimensions: 12.4 Cm*1.95 Cm
A Corona Gorda with a beautiful appearance, a super smooth chocolate colored wrapper. The cigar is well rolled. Lighting is perfect and releases an ample smoke with woody and herbaceous aromas. One may regret though that the vitola does not develop more aromas, it remains somewhat monotonous. It is nonetheless a nice piece of work.

Cuaba Salomones (10)

Cuban cigars Cuaba Salomones
Box of 10 cigars
Shape: Salomon
Dimensions: 18.4 Cm*2.26 Cm
A beautiful Figurado in a maduro wrapper, smooth and silky. Pre light aromas of grease and chocolate. Upon lighting up, the Salomon releases earthy aromas. Combustion is good, a testimony to the quality of the construction. Leathery tones in the second third, with some tangy hints. The final is somewhat bitter. A cigar for special occasions.

El Rey del Mundo Demi Tasse

El Rey del Mundo
Cuban cigars El Rey del Mundo Demi Tasse
Box of 25 cigars
Shape: Entreactos
Dimensions: 10 Cm*1.19 Cm
Great creamy-spicy Cuban flavor, perfect for that "quick smoke" either at home or when you’re some place where time doesn't permit a full size cigar experience. A daytime cigar for moments when one craves for a little taste of Havana.One of the most surprisingly delicious small cigars you're liable to find!

H.Upmann Connoisseur No.1

Cuban cigars H.Upmann Connoisseur No.1
Cabinet of 25 cigars
Shape: Hermosos No.4
Dimensions:12 Cm*1.9 Cm
A beautiful wrapper, an excellent draw, fruity tastes at first, then spicy ones. Very present smoke with an average strength.

Juan Lopez seleccion No.2

Juan Lopez
Cuban cigars Juan Lopez seleccion No.2
Cabinet of 25 cigars
Shape: Robusto
Dimensions: 12.6 Cm*1.95 Cm
This vitola has it all: panache, a nice combination of aromas and the perfect tempo. Hints of wood, dried flowers, and later of musk, pepper and leather mingle. This Robusto will appeal to the most demanding amateurs.

Partagas Série P No.2

Cuban cigars Partagas Série P No.2
Box of 25 cigars
Shape: Torpedo
Dimensions: 15.6 Cm*2.06 Cm
Partagas' P No.2 line will not leave anybody indifferent. This vitola is neither round nor pliable, but it is a foretaste of the Cuban cigars with character that aficionados love. However, it is not recommended to beginners who might be baffled by its strong personality.

Sancho Panza Belicosos

Sancho Panza
Cuban Cigars Sancho Panza Belicosos
Cabinet of 25 cigars
Shape : Torpedo
Dimensions : 14 Cm*2.06 Cm
This torpedo has a thin silky colorado wrapper. The flavors are essentially early before light. On lighting up, the Habano has an easy draw, the creamy clouds of smoke carry woody aromas and notes of roasted mocha and humus. The second third confirms the good aromatic construction, with a background of leathery and peppery notes. The tempo is good until the final. A cigar for special occasions.

Cumpay Robusto

Nicaraguan cigars Cumpay Robusto
Box of 25 cigars
Shape : Robusto
Dimensions : 12 Cm*1.98 Cm
After a perfect start, this Robusto releases mocha and spice flavors, with green pepper and nutmeg hints. Intense, though not in excess, it evolves towards leathery hints. The final is tasty and invigorating. Definitely a great success.

Cumpay Short

Nicaraguan cigars Cumpay Short
Box of 20 cigars
Shape : Short Corona
Dimensions : 11 Cm*1.82 Cm
Pre light aromas worthy of a grand Habano. The first puffs are intense with strong woody flavors. The first third develops coffee and pepper flavors. Power builds up in the second third. The final is tonic with cedar and musk flavors. A small vitola with a rich palette.

La Rica Robusto (AT)

La Rica
Nicaraguan cigars La Rica Robusto
Box of 25 cigars (AT)
Shape: Robusto
Dimensions: 12.7 Cm*1.95 Cm
La Rica's Robusto offers a good palette with peppery and spicy notes. A well made cigar