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Special offers

Hoyo de Monterrey Palmas Extra

Hoyo de Monterrey
Cuban cigars Hoyo de Monterrey Palmas Extra
Box of 25 cigars
Shape: Corona
Dimensions:15.4 Cm*1.52 Cm
The Palmas from Hoyo is a corona with a good price/quality ratio. Upon lighting, the smoke releases wood, earth and cork notes. In the second third, notes of roasted coffee enhance the whole. A modest and easy cigar for smokers not looking for too much intensity.

H.Upmann Magnum 50

Cuban cigars H.Upmann Magnum 50
Cabinet of 25 cigars
Shape: Grand Robusto
Dimensions: 16 Cm*1.98 Cm
Those who enjoyed the 2005 limited series of Magnum 50 will relish as this outstanding vitola is back. The Magnum 50 is, doubtlessly, one of the finest achievements. Its Grand Robusto size gives it extraordinary elegance and presence. Upon lighting, the voluptuous smoke delivers an amazing energy. Touches of red fruit and spice then develop. The wonderfull final confirms that this is a perfect cigar with rich and traditional values typical of great Cuban cigars.

Juan Lopez seleccion No.2

Juan Lopez
Cuban cigars Juan Lopez seleccion No.2
Cabinet of 25 cigars
Shape: Robusto
Dimensions: 12.6 Cm*1.95 Cm
This vitola has it all: panache, a nice combination of aromas and the perfect tempo. Hints of wood, dried flowers, and later of musk, pepper and leather mingle. This Robusto will appeal to the most demanding amateurs.

Montecristo Petit Edmundo

Cuban cigars Montecristo Petit Edmundo
Box of 25 cigars
Shape: Petit Robusto
Dimensions: 10.1 Cm*2.06 Cm
A splendid Petit Robusto with an oily and smooth wrapper. Upon lighting, aromas of moist earth and precious wood delicately make their way to the palate. These aromas evolve in a perfect tempo toward notes of roasted coffee and spice. The burn is perfect and the aromatic balance excellent. A great success in the Habano's world

Partagas Série D No.4

Cuban cigars Partagas Série D No.4
Box of 25 cigars
Shape: Robusto
Dimensions: 12.4 Cm*1.95 Cm
The renowned Série D No.4 has an excellent draw and leaves harsh notes on the tongue. Aromas of menthol, fresh grass, earth and spice fill the palate. A pleasant and easy draw for this exceptional size.

Partagas Série E No.2

Cuban cigars Partagas Série E No.2
Box of 25 cigars
Shape : Duke
Size: 14 Cm*2.14
The Série E No.2 is Partagas’ new product. This impressive cigar, which is 21.14 mm in diameter, is a large cigar with an oily and silky wrapper. Unlit, the cigar smells woody and the first few puffs attest to this slightly spicy, woody flavour. The strength of the cigar rises quickly despite its large diameter. The intense smoke smell is a blend of walnuts, hazelnuts and dried fruit aromas. As the cigar is smoked, the powerful body and complexity of aromas are further revealed.

Partagas Aristocrats

Cuban cigars Partagas Aristocrats
Box of 25 cigars
Shape: Petit Corona
Dimensions: 12.9 Cm*1.6 Cm
The Aristocrats has a fine presentation in a silky and smooth wrapper. Lighting is dense and easy. The first puffs deliver aromas of moist grass and flowers. Later, earthy notes take precedence. The final develops woody notes. The tasting is balanced and definitely a great success.

Romeo y Julieta Belicosos

Romeo y Julieta
Cuban cigars Romeo y Julieta Belicosos
Box of 25 cigars
Shape : Torpedo
Dimensions : 14 Cm*2.06 Cm
A beautiful cigar to gaze upon, soft to the touch, with a generous start. The aromas are essentially woody. In the second third, the Belicosos develops notes of roasted coffee and some rare hints of tanned leather. A taste of spice completes the palette of aromas. The final is round and soft.

Romeo y Julieta Short Churchills

Rome y Julieta
Cuban cigars Romeo y Julieta Short Churchills
Box of 25 cigars
Shape: Robusto
Dimensions: 12.4 Cm*1.98 Cm
This Short Churchill (similar to a Robusto) has a neat wrapper ans is velvety to the touch. Pre light, aromas of cedar (the leaf in which it is wrapped) and citrus. Upon lighting up, the cigar is slightly sharp. However, nice vegetate flavors soon develop (fern). In the second third, the smoke retains herbal and slightly spicy (black pepper) notes. The palette of aromas is sophisticated and light, intensity is even, providing for a very homogeneous burn. The final leaves a fresh sensation, even though intensity increases.This new cigar has a well-thought presentation and perfect fruity aromas. A modern and attractive Habano cigar.

Ashton Classic Magnum

Dominican cigars Ashton Classic Magnum
Box of 25 cigars
Shape: Robusto
Dimensions: 12.7 Cm*1.96 Cm
The Robusto in the classic range is a Robusto ideal for the enthusiast in search of sweetness. Mocha and cream gently caress the palate. The perfect draw facilitates finesse in tasting. A cigar for to be smoked in the morning ideally, and suitable for all types of palates.

Padron Classic 2000 maduro

Nicaraguan cigars Padron Classic 2000 
Box of 26 cigars
Shape : Robusto
Size: 12.5 Cm*1.96 Cm
The 2000 Series is an attractive Robusto enveloped in a wrapper with a few ribs. The rolling quality is perfect, and this is its greatest asset. Despite a relatively hard touch, the draw is perfect. The first puffs offer notes of coffee, when smoking in earth-covered and wooded areas. A well balanced cigar for daily use.

Paradiso Supremo

Nicaraguan cigars Paradiso Supremo
Box of 22 cigars
Shape : Toro
Size: 15.2 Cm*1.96 Cm
Almost 3 cm longer than the Classico but with an identical diameter, the Supremo’s rich wrapper is well applied. Rich and soft to the touch, it stylishly wraps the solid, well-constituted filler. The deep, powerful aromas rapidly become pervasive. Coffee and pepper are quite palpable. It draws easily when enjoyed, offering a balanced model for a smoker in search of cigars of character.