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Cuaba Salomones (10)

Cuban cigars Cuaba Salomones
Box of 10 cigars
Shape: Salomon
Dimensions: 18.4 Cm*2.26 Cm
A beautiful Figurado in a maduro wrapper, smooth and silky. Pre light aromas of grease and chocolate. Upon lighting up, the Salomon releases earthy aromas. Combustion is good, a testimony to the quality of the construction. Leathery tones in the second third, with some tangy hints. The final is somewhat bitter. A cigar for special occasions.

H.Upmann Magnum 46

Cuban cigars H.Upmann Magnum 46
Cabinet of 25 cigars
Shape: Corona Gorda
Dimensions: 14.3 Cm*1.82 Cm
The Magnum 46 is one of the best Habanos currently available. It is tasty, long in mouth and well balanced. The first puffs deliver creamy notes. There is power, but no harshness. The H. Upmann has aromas of honey and chocolate. Touches of spice (green pepper), tropical woods and leather settle in then, followed by fragrances of almonds and baked bread. The cigar gets ever more tasty, full bodied and balanced. It can be smoked to the nub, an unmistakable sign of a perfect construction.

H.Upmann Magnum 50

Cuban cigars H.Upmann Magnum 50
Cabinet of 25 cigars
Shape: Grand Robusto
Dimensions: 16 Cm*1.98 Cm
Those who enjoyed the 2005 limited series of Magnum 50 will relish as this outstanding vitola is back. The Magnum 50 is, doubtlessly, one of the finest achievements. Its Grand Robusto size gives it extraordinary elegance and presence. Upon lighting, the voluptuous smoke delivers an amazing energy. Touches of red fruit and spice then develop. The wonderfull final confirms that this is a perfect cigar with rich and traditional values typical of great Cuban cigars.

Montecristo No.3

Cuban cigars Montecristo No.3
Box of 25 cigars
Shape: Corona
Dimensions: 14.2 Cm*1.6 Cm
The No.3 is a Corona that offers consistency. Woody flavors, almost tangy and spicy, progress in an easy manner. After a few puffs, as if by magic, it gets supple and mellow, and the palette releases aromas of earth and roasted coffee. The second third is somewhat more intense The final confirms this dimension with mostly roasted notes (malt, hazelnut).

Montecristo Edmundo

Cuban cigars Montecristo Edmundo
Box of 25 cigars
Shape: Grand Robusto
Dimensions: 13.5 Cm*2.06 Cm
The Edmundo is a grand Robusto that stands out, elegant, bearing an oily wrapper with woody aromas. On lighting up, the cigar has an excellent draw. There is roundness, the smoke is somewhat thick, with strong peppery notes and a herbaceous background. In the second third, the moist undergrowth tones are completed by fern and mushroom notes. The final is perfect and intense. The Edmundo is balanced, quiet and reassuring.

Montecristo Open Master

Cuban cigars Montecristo Open Master
Box of 20 cigars
Shape: Robusto
Dimensions: 12.6 Cm*1.96 Cm
The cigar is really well rolled in a light brown wrapper. No veins or nods are apparent. Prelit aromas of coffee. Lights easily, the first puffs confirm the perfect draw, and the coffee aromas linger. The burn is good though not excellent. The second third develops sweet notes of chocolate and vanilla. The final confirms the quality of this vitola intended for amateurs looking for medium-bodied cigars.

Partagas Shorts

Cuban cigars Partagas Shorts
Box of 25 cigars
Shape: Très Petit Corona
Dimensions: 11 Cm*1.66 Cm
Partaga's très Petit Corona has qualities of its own. It is attractive, well rolled and has an overall neat appearance. This puros has an interesting palette of aromas, with spicy notes.

Partagas Mille Fleurs

Cuban cigars Partagas Mille Fleurs
Box of 25 cigars
Shape : Petit Corona
Dimensions: 12.9 Cm*1.66 Cm
A small cigar definitely worth tasting. It has an excellent combustion and an outstanding roundness. The tempo is regular, the aromatic palette deploys undergrowth and animal notes, without the slightest aggressivity, despite the final attack.

Padron Classic 2000 maduro

Nicaraguan cigars Padron Classic 2000 
Box of 26 cigars
Shape : Robusto
Size: 12.5 Cm*1.96 Cm
The 2000 Series is an attractive Robusto enveloped in a wrapper with a few ribs. The rolling quality is perfect, and this is its greatest asset. Despite a relatively hard touch, the draw is perfect. The first puffs offer notes of coffee, when smoking in earth-covered and wooded areas. A well balanced cigar for daily use.

Paradiso Papagayo XXL

Nicaraguan cigars Paradiso Papagayo XXL 
Box of 21 cigars
Shape : Gordo
Size: 15.2 Cm*2.38 Cm
This large format cigar produced by Paradiso is truly magnificent; the dark wrapper is barely veined and rich to the touch. The rolling quality is exemplary. From the moment you light it, this large model offers considerable smoke. The first notes are woody with a hint of spice derived from the 100% Nicaraguan tobacco. Its power increases consistently, the herbs becoming ever more noticeable. The intense flavours come to pervade the palate. The final puffs remain balanced, sustaining the aromas.

La Aroma del Caribe Ed. Especial No.2

La Aroma del Caribe
Nicaraguan cigars La Aroma del Caribe Ed. Esp. No.2
Box of 25 cigars cigars
Shape: Robusto
Dimensions: 12.7 Cm*1.96 Cm
No.2, whose Robusto shape is a classic, neither too big nor too long, is appropriate for the large majority of smokers. The vitola is well rolled in a relatively dark cape, it is beautiful to look at. The first notes of cinnamon combined with cedar give it an interesting balance of flavours. It develops nicely, strong and robust, the cigar performs well. Some peppery notes settle in during the second period. The nuttiness present in the first half fades, giving way to strong and satisfying cocoa. A great success in this highly competitive format.

Flor de Selva Robusto

Flor de Selva
Honduran cigars Flor de Selva Robusto
Box of 25 cigars
Shape: Robusto
Dimensions: 12.1 Cm*1.98 Cm
A round, intense and quality Robusto with aromas of resin and precious wood, and later of black and green pepper. Progressing through, sweet notes of liquorice develop. An extremely harmonious and well balanced marriage. The second third confirms its exceptional capacities as power keeps building up The aromas are extremely delicate and subtle.