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Special offers

Cohiba Piramides Extra

Cuban cigars Cohiba Piramides Extra
Box of 10 cigars
Shape: Torpedo
Dimensions: 16 Cm*2.14 Cm
Cohiba is offering up a Figurado called Piramides Extra, relatively similar in size to the Pirámides Edición Limitada 2006. We locate the new band stamped with the same hologram that appeared on the Cohiba Behike range. The cigar gives off floral, pepper notes. On the first draw, fragile floral and hazelnut aromas succeed one another as they swirl around the mouth. The personality intensifies on the second pull, fuller, more powerful and with spicier flavours. The cigar becomes more intense again on the third pull without being overpowering. All in all, a lovely conception for this new cigar full of personality.

Cohiba Siglo II

Cuban cigars Cohiba Siglo II
Cabinet of 25 cigars
Shape: Petit Corona
Dimensions: 10.3 Cm*1.58 Cm
A nice honey colored wrapper. As the smoke goes through, the cigar releases aromas of roasted coffee and cocoa. The smoke if full and creamy and evolves toward notes of wood and liquorice. A (short) break of pure pleasure.

Cuaba Exclusivos

Cuban cigars Cuaba Exclusivo
Box of 25 cigars
Shape: Figurado
Dimensions: 14.5 Cm*1.8 Cm
A beautiful Figurado, perfectly in line with Cuaba's traditional architecture. Pre light chocolate aroma. Upon lighting up, the aromas get richer with notes of moist moss, fern and fresh grass. The aromatic palette broadens with pepper and exotic woods flavors. However, the Exclusivos is not as exclusive as the other cigars in the Cuaba line.

Montecristo Edmundo

Cuban cigars Montecristo Edmundo
Box of 25 cigars
Shape: Grand Robusto
Dimensions: 13.5 Cm*2.06 Cm
The Edmundo is a grand Robusto that stands out, elegant, bearing an oily wrapper with woody aromas. On lighting up, the cigar has an excellent draw. There is roundness, the smoke is somewhat thick, with strong peppery notes and a herbaceous background. In the second third, the moist undergrowth tones are completed by fern and mushroom notes. The final is perfect and intense. The Edmundo is balanced, quiet and reassuring.

Partagas Salomones (10) (LCDH)

Cuban cigars Partagas Salomones
Box of 10 cigars
Shape: Salomon
Dimensions: 18.4 Cm*2.26 Cm
We are extremely pleased to bring you the much expected Partagas Salomones of Casa del Habano. The wrapper is very oily, and the cigar is perfectly filled. Pre light, the vitola has aromas of pepper. It takes little time to realize that this is an extremely complex cigar. Mellow and sweet, it is a demanding item, extremely complex, with many aromas and a lot of body.

Partagas 8-9-8 Varnished

Cuban cigars Partagas 8-9-8 Varnished
Box of 25 cigars
Shape: Lonsdale
Dimensions: 17.0 Cm*1.7 Cm
The Lonsdale won its spurs with Partagas' 8-9-8. There is little doubt that it is a reference. Once out of its fabulous varnished case, the vitola has a nice appearance, it comes in a silky and oily wrapper. The first puffs deliver notes of humus and spice, the smoke is ample. Tempo builds up in the second third, power is not excessive. Notes of roasted coffee complete the first aromas. The final is a testimony to Partagas' mastery.for this classy shape.

Quai d'Orsay Coronas

Quai d'Orsay
Cuban cigars Quai d'Orsay Coronas
Box of 25 cigars
Shape: Grand Corona
Dimensions : 14.2 Cm*1.67 Cm
The Coronas has a claro wrapper. Upon lighting up, it releases a mild floral taste, with some sharp hints that fade away quickly. The vitola has essentially woody flavors with touches of liquorice and coffee halfway-through. The intensity seems somewhat limited with some monotony.

Quinteros Favoritos

Cuban cigars Quinteros Favoritos
Box of 25 cigars
Shape: Short Robusto
Dimensions: 11.5 Cm*1.98 Cm
Quinteros has just started offering us the Petit Robusto at an extremely competitive price. The well fashioned cape is comparatively rough and it firmly encloses the short inner leaves of this module. The smoke is ample and relatively creamy; flavours of cocoa dominate the first few puffs. The second third grows more powerful and more herbaceous notes take over. The final third is a little softer, leaving the impression of a cigar of measured potency.

Romeo y Julieta Short Churchills

Rome y Julieta
Cuban cigars Romeo y Julieta Short Churchills
Box of 25 cigars
Shape: Robusto
Dimensions: 12.4 Cm*1.98 Cm
This Short Churchill (similar to a Robusto) has a neat wrapper ans is velvety to the touch. Pre light, aromas of cedar (the leaf in which it is wrapped) and citrus. Upon lighting up, the cigar is slightly sharp. However, nice vegetate flavors soon develop (fern). In the second third, the smoke retains herbal and slightly spicy (black pepper) notes. The palette of aromas is sophisticated and light, intensity is even, providing for a very homogeneous burn. The final leaves a fresh sensation, even though intensity increases.This new cigar has a well-thought presentation and perfect fruity aromas. A modern and attractive Habano cigar.

Flor de Selva Robusto

Flor de Selva
Honduran cigars Flor de Selva Robusto
Box of 25 cigars
Shape: Robusto
Dimensions: 12.1 Cm*1.98 Cm
A round, intense and quality Robusto with aromas of resin and precious wood, and later of black and green pepper. Progressing through, sweet notes of liquorice develop. An extremely harmonious and well balanced marriage. The second third confirms its exceptional capacities as power keeps building up The aromas are extremely delicate and subtle.

Inch No.64 Natural (3)

Dominican cigars Inch No.64 Natural
Pack of 3 cigars
Shape: Super Gordo
Dimensions: 15.5 Cm*2.54 Cm

This is an imposing cigar of 2.54 cm diameters. The considerable filler density makes it firm to the touch. E.P. Carillo has made good use of his knowledge in conceiving this vitola. There is great rigour in the form of this cigar. Lighting up takes some time but once combustion has begun, there are wide rings of smoke and it draws easily. Cocoa and coffee are quite perceptible. The slightly sweet mixture is pleasing to the palate. You need at least two hours delectation for this monster; surely an unforgettable experience.

Gilbert de Montsalvat Revolution Style Perla

Gilbert de Montsalvat
Dominican cigars Gilbert de Montsalvat Revolution Style Perla
Box of 20 cigars
Shape: Magnum
Dimensions: 10.1 Cm*1.59 Cm
A small cigar concentrating the power and subtlety of Gilbert de Montsalvat's Révolution range. It is well presented, and perfect companion for an afternoon or aperitif.