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Cohiba Siglo II

Cuban cigars Cohiba Siglo II
Cabinet of 25 cigars
Shape: Petit Corona
Dimensions: 10.3 Cm*1.58 Cm
A nice honey colored wrapper. As the smoke goes through, the cigar releases aromas of roasted coffee and cocoa. The smoke if full and creamy and evolves toward notes of wood and liquorice. A (short) break of pure pleasure.

Juan Lopez Petit Coronas

Juan Lopez
Cuban cigars Juan Lopez Petit Coronas 
Box of 25 cigars
Shape: Petit Corona
Dimensions: 12.9 Cm*1.67 Cm
A small, well presented Corona is wrapped in a comparatively rich Colorado cape. The easy draw provides delicate smoke. The second third grows more spicy and peppery. The final third releases more potency while retaining the ambient flavours and lingering long in your mouth.

Montecristo Double Edmundo (10)

Cuban Cigars Montecristo Double Edmundo
Box of 10 cigars
Shape: Dobles
Dimensions: 15.5 Cm*1.96 Cm
The Double Edmundo incorporates the new Montecristo cigar ring, with a gold fleur-de-lys. Its size is similar to the Trinidad Robusto Extra; a Robusto stretching to 15.5 cm. The wrapper is one of the silkiest in the Habanos range. From the first puffs it draws with ideal resistance. The woody, creamy smoke is very agreeable to the palate. The progression is very smooth; there is always sufficient smoke and it burns at a regular rate. The final flavour brings out all the richness of the brand, with hints of coffee and wood dominating. A cigar you can keep for years with a great potential to mature.

Montecristo Edmundo

Cuban cigars Montecristo Edmundo
Box of 25 cigars
Shape: Grand Robusto
Dimensions: 13.5 Cm*2.06 Cm
The Edmundo is a grand Robusto that stands out, elegant, bearing an oily wrapper with woody aromas. On lighting up, the cigar has an excellent draw. There is roundness, the smoke is somewhat thick, with strong peppery notes and a herbaceous background. In the second third, the moist undergrowth tones are completed by fern and mushroom notes. The final is perfect and intense. The Edmundo is balanced, quiet and reassuring.

Montecristo Open Eagle

Cuban cigars Montecristo Open Eagle
Box of 20 cigars
Shape: Geniales (Cañonazo)
Dimensions: 15 Cm*2.2 Cm
A vitola with an imposing size. The Eagle is well constructed, bearing an oily and silky wrapper. Pre light aromas of chocolate and wood. Lighting up is easy, the first puffs are suave with notes of vanilla and cedar, conveying softness and little complexity. The compact ash confirms the quality of this vitola. The second third confirms the softness of the start and the linearity of this vitola. Aromas of wood develop again in the final. Recommended to amateurs who wish to try this shape.

Partagas Série D No.5

Cuban cigars Partagas Série D No.5
Box of 25 cigars
Shape: Half Robusto
Dimensions: 11 Cm*1.98 Cm
The D No. 5 Series appeared as a limited edition for the first time in 2008. From then on it has been part of the classic catalog of Habanos products. The colorado cape dressed this cigar perfectly. The lighting is exemplary, the smoke carries the aromas of soil and pepper. The rise satisfied the amateur’s search for a cigar of character. A high quality Cuban cigar which is perfectly positioned within the current Partagas line.

Por Larrañaga Petits Coronas (50)

Por Larranaga
Cuban cigars Por Larrañaga Petits Coronas
Cabinet of 50 cigars
Shape: Petit Coronas
Dimensions: 12.9 Cm*1.66 Cm
Por Larrañaga Petit Corona is a delight to the eye. On lighting up, one discovers a good choice of tobaccos that develops fruity aromas during combustion.; this vitola has the right balance between character and strength, never in excess. As the smoking goes through, character builds up. The final confirms the brand's know-how.

Romeo y Julieta Wide Churchills (10)

Romeo & Julieta
Cuban cigars Romeo y Julieta Wide Churchills
Box of 10 cigars
Shape : Montesco
Dimensions: 13.0 Cm*2.18 Cm
The "Short Churchill"'s big brother that hit the market in 2006. Romeo y Julieta's Wide Churchill" pays yet another tribute to Winston Churchill who contributed to making the brand so popular. Its diameter of 2.2 cm and length of 13 cm make it Romeo y Julieta's thickest cigar. The brand's worshippers will not only appreciate its size, but also its light aromas, its balance, its sweetness and its perfect burn.

Alec Bradley Black Market Robusto

Alec Bradley
Honduran cigars Alec Bradley Black Market Robusto
Box of 22 cigars
Shape : Robusto
Dimensions : 13.3 Cm*2.08 Cm
The Robusto has a rich and oily wrapper, when unlit it releases chocolaty aromas. The first puffs, which are relatively mild, caress the palate. At the end of the first third, the chocolate notes give way to slightly peppery, coffee notes. The finish is not overwhelming and the aromas present themselves with a little more power.

Flor de Selva Fino

Flor de Selva
Honduran cigars Flor de Selva Fino
Box of 25 cigars
Shape : Grand Corona
Dimensions : 15.3 Cm*1.67 Cm
The Fino, the size of a grand corona, has a decent wrapper. Upon lighting up, it releases rather pleasant woody notes, but the ambitions in the palette department are limited, somewhat monotonous. The second third offers spicier aromas.

Oliva Série V Torpedo

Nicaraguan cigars Oliva Série V Torpedo
Box of 24 cigars
Shape : Piramide
Dimensions : 15.2 Cm*2.22 Cm
The Torpedo is covered with a relatively dark brown wrapper, which is soft to the touch. There are few veins on the surface. Lighting is smooth with leather and tannin dominating during the first third. The solid construction ensures relatively constant burning. A masterpiece from the V  range.