Casa Turrent Torpedo

Casa Turrent Serie 1901 Torpedo

This magnificent Torpedo from Casa Turrent, perfectly built, impresses right from the start.With a beautiful smooth and silky cape, it offers raw scents of earth and hay from the mountain pastures. The first puffs are frank and fill the palate with notes of undergrowth, earth and roasted coffee. The power gradually sets in with creamier touches, bringing the roundness needed for a balanced tasting. A beautiful piece that will delight amateurs looking for medium power.


  • Strength
  • Ring Gauge
  • Duration
    45-75 minutes  
  • Aroma
  • Diameter
    1.87 cm  
  • Cigar length
    14 cm  
  • Popular Vitola
  • Country

Mexican cigars

Casa Turrent Serie 1901 Torpedo 

Box of 20 cigars or per unit

  • Box of 20 cigars
  • 1 cigar

CHF 156.00