Ligther Colibri Fzg Daytona Black

Ligther Colibri Fzg Daytona Black

The Daytona is inspired by the thrilling and precise action of auto racing.

Built using state-of-the-art technology, the Daytona powers a robust single-jet flame located at the top center of the body. Great for any cigars, windy conditions or just getting your cigar lit when and where you want.


- Single jet flame 50% larger capacity fuel reservoir

- Lowest misfire rate ever

- Blue Tech fuel side-view window 

-"Bronze" flame adjustment wheel on bottom

- Refillable butane

- Auto "Trap Door" lid to protect the jet nozzles

- 2 Year Manufacturers Warranty

- Weight: 100 gr

Lighter Colibri Daytona



CHF 65.00