Bolivar Coronas junior

Bolivar Coronas junior

Bolivar's very short corona is rather dense to the touch. Upon lighting, it develops a palette typical of the brand, with earthy and peppery flavors. The second third in turn develops undergrowth and humus flavors. A great success by Bolivar who managed to put all the brand's values into such a small volume.

  • Strength
  • Ring Gauge
  • Duration
    15-30 minutes  
  • Aroma
  • Diameter
    1.67 cm  
  • Cigar length
    11 cm  
  • Popular Vitola
    Très Petit Corona  
  • Country

Cuban cigars

Bolivar Coronas Junior

Box 25 cigars

  • Box of 25 cigars
  • 1 cigar

CHF 137.00