Crazy Monkey

Crazy Monkey

Crazy Monkey cigars, an original brand for lovers of beautiful vitolas.

The Crazy Monkey brand is above all the result of a great friendship between two cigar aficionados. It is the story of two friends living in a small village located on the foothills of the Jura vaudois, at the top of the Colline de Chamblon. One evening, they decided to create their own cigar brand and found an original name reflecting their image: Crazy Monkey. These cigars are produced in Nicaragua, where the tobacco leaves are carefully selected before being rolled by the best torcedors in the region. The cigars are beautifully presented in a black lacquered box on which is drawn a monkey enjoying a cigar!

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  • Crazy Monkey Big Robusto

    The Crazy Monkey cigar is beautifully presented in a beautiful black lacquered box with a sober and original design. This giant robusto is wrapped in a beautiful dark, greasy cape, and offers raw earth and leather aromas. After an easy lighting, the first volutes are generous and invade the palate with spicy flavours supported by earthy notes. The second...

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    Crazy Monkey Big Robusto 

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