Drew Estate Kentucky Fire Cured Chunky

Drew Estate Kentucky Fire Cured Chunky

Raw, this chunky has a delicious roasted aroma, with a few woody notes. The ignition is easy, and the first puffs are a real discovery. The scents of this tobacco ripened by smoke remind us of Scotland, more precisely a whisky from the island of Islay. The power is not too overwhelming, its taste is full and we appreciate the round, creamy, sweet and spicy side. A beautiful discovery.

Good to know: the Fire Cured Chunky range differs from other cigars in its 200-year-old process used in tobacco drying: tobacco is dried with smoke and thus absorbs the components of wood smoke, which gives it that smoky and bewitching taste.

  • Strength
  • Ring Gauge
  • Duration
    15-30 minutes  
  • Aroma
  • Diameter
    1.83 cm  
  • Cigar length
    10.2 cm  
  • Popular Vitola
    Petit Corona  
  • Country

Nicaraguan cigars

Drew Estate Kentucky Fire Cured Chunky

Box of 10 cigars or per unit

  • Box of 10 cigars
  • 1 cigar

CHF 67.00