Flor de Selve Tempo Maduro

Flor de Selve Tempo Maduro

This large module stretches over 15 cm and thus has a diameter of 2.38 cm. This vitola is well built, dense to the touch, with an oily wrapper that makes a good impression. The embrace requires a little time but once the first smoke caresses the palate, the rich aromas reveal the excellent choice of tobacco. This cigar performs well and moves gently without being too powerful. It delivers slightly more vegetal notes towards the second third. The satisfying final pleasantly condenses the flavours of the first two thirds.

  • Strength
  • Ring Gauge
  • Duration
    75-120 minutes  
  • Aroma
  • Diameter
    2.38 cm  
  • Cigar length
    15 cm  
  • Popular Vitola
  • Country

Honduran cigars

Flor de Selva Tempo Maduro

Box of 20 cigars


CHF 230.00