Humidor Genova deluxe - Large

Adorini - Humidor Genova deluxe - Large

Humidor for 150 cigars with lacquer ebony finish. German design, this humidor has a lifetime warranty. It comes with a humidification system, a hygrometer and distilled water.

- High-quality multiple lacquer ebony finish
- Border inlays of real wood
- ebony finish
- Capacity: 150 cigars
- Two vertical dividers, two horizontal dividers large and two horizontal dividers 
- Cedar humidor tray 
- Humidification system and hygrometer are included
  • Capacity
    150 cigars  
  • Color
    Ebony finish  
  • Veneer
  • Dim. ext.
  • Dim. int.

Humidor Adorini

Genova Deluxe Large

150 cigars


CHF 399.00