Togouchi premium whisky

Togouchi premium whisky

The Togoushi is a whisky produced in a unique spot in the heart of the mountainous region of West Chugoku. The barrels are stored in a 387-meter-long tunnel maintained all year round at a constant temperature of 14 °C. Spring water drawn from high up in the mountains of the Sandankyo Natural Park is used to dilute the whisky at bottling. This premium Togoushi is the result of a wonderful blend of eight-year-old grain and malt whiskys. On the nose, sweet notes of honey and cereals are followed by more smoky aromas. The light, soft palate is complemented by more fruity notes enveloped in a peaty veil.

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Scotch whisky

Togoushi premium

Bottle of 0.7L


CHF 63.00