Montecristo A (5)

Montecristo A (5)

Introduced in 1971, the "A" impresses with its elegance and its larger than usual size! Long and thin, this Gigante offers a raw blend of aromatic notes of earth and undergrowth. The second third, rounder, offers beautiful creamy puffs, supported by cocoa notes. The cigar gains in power slightly towards the end, and keeps a perfect balance in term of aroma/power. It takes at least 2 hours 30 minutes, because the cigar must be smoked slowly so that it does not overheat. This Montecristo A is indisputably an exceptional cigar, to be enjoyed during an evening or after a rich meal.

  • Strength
  • Ring Gauge
  • Duration
    150 minutes  
  • Aroma
  • Diameter
    1.87 cm  
  • Cigar length
    23.5 cm  
  • Popular Vitola
  • Country

Cuban cigars

Montecristo A

Per unit or per box of 5 cigars

  • Box of 5 cigars
  • 1 cigar

CHF 245.00