Humidor CL288 for 800 Cigars

Humidor CL288 for 800 Cigars

SWISSCAVE cigar humidors are fundamentally different from the usual products on the market. Namely, because SWISSCAVE humidors continually monitor and regulate the climate.
With a compressor-driven cooling system.
With an integrated heating component.
With an electronically regulated humidification module.
With a dehumidification function.
Last but not least, with extendable cedar wood drawers.
Nothing is left to chance: temperature and humidity are both continually measured and compared with the pre-set values. Depending on the deviation measured, the interior is automatically humidified, cooled, or, if necessary, dehumidified or heated.
But that’s not all. This humidor also meets the aesthetic requirements of the discerning cigar lover. Whether as a representative humidor in restaurants or other gastronomical establishments, or in a cigar lover’s own home. The full-panel glass door, fastened in a stainless steel filigree frame rimgives you a great view of the stored cigars, as well as the temperature and humidity displays.
  • Capacity: 238 litres (800 cigars)
  • 4 extendable, lockable, cedar wood shelves that glide along steel ball bearings, with compartments for convenient cigar storage; 1 fixed shelf (at bottom)
  • Stainless steel door handle; full-panel, double-glazed, UV protective glass door with aluminium frame; door opens to the right (the door can be requested to open to the left)
  • Door security lock
  • Temperature range: 12 – 22 degrees Celsius
  • Active, electronically controlled humidification management (can be set from 60% to 85%)
  • Ultrasonic humidifier, 0.8 l water container
  • Electricity: 220V/50 Hz/Power Input 120W/ca 0.33 kWh per 24h/Compressor-driven cooling
  • Audible noise: 35dB (A), sound-absorbing recommendation
  • No vibrations/Zanussi compressor resting on a rubber pad
  • Automatic de-icing/containers to capture condensation
  • Electronics: 2 digital indicators (SET / CURRENT temp. & humidity) with Celsius/Fahrenheit toggle switch
  • LED interior lighting
  • Winter heating function
  • Safety: if the temperature changes drastically, a temperature alarm will sound
  • Dimensions: 60cm wide, 66cm deep, and 124cm high
  • Weight: 60kg
  • Adjustable feet for uneven floors
  • Energy efficiency class A, climate class SN, CE-certified


Pricing & Shipping

Switzerland: incl. shipping (curbside) - Shipping usually within 60 days. Expedited shipments on request

Electronic Humidor
Capacity 800 cigars
Air conditioned, heated and humidified


CHF 2'386.80